Werner PD6200 Series Fiberglass PODIUM Stepladder // 300 lb Rated

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PD6200 Series
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Werner PD6200 Series Fiberglass PODIUM Stepladder // 300 lb Rated

  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Style: PODIUM Stepladder
  • Duty Rating: Type IA 300 lbs.
  • Sizes: 2',3',4',5',6',7',8',10',12'
The PD6200 Series Podium Ladder is ideal for working at fixed heights and is easier to maneuver than scaffolds or lifts. The extra-large platform with toe guard feels like you are standing on the ground and 4X Work Zone allows you to work facing any direction. This ladder features full aluminum bracing and a full set of rear horizontals. The LOCKTOP™ extended guardrail provides an extra point of contact and conveniently organizes tools and accessories. The newly designed EDGE360® gives the bottom of the ladder protection from every angle with integrated rail shield, EDGE bracing and over-sized foot pads.


  • Platform for comfortable work area
  • Slip-resistant foot pad
  • Designed for one person jobs
  • Rail Shields
  • Full set of rear horizontals
  • Safety Guard Rail
  • Electrically non-conductive side rails




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(No reviews yet) Write a Review