Werner 6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladder // 300 lb Rated

Werner Ladder

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6200 Series
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Werner 6200 Series Fiberglass Stepladder // 300 lb Rated

  • Material: Fiberglass
  • Style: Single-sided Stepladder
  • Duty Rating: Type IA 300 lbs.
  • Sizes: 2',3',4',5',6',7',8',10',12' 
The Werner 6200 Series Step Ladders are design for professional contractors and industrial users. With a duty rating of 300 pounds, this series features a HolsterTop® with the Lock-In System to secure tools from falling while keeping them right at hand. These ladders offer a full set of rear horizontals and heavy duty internal spreaders. All steps are knee braced and the foot pads are riveted to the EDGE® structure. The EDGE® bracing system helps protect the rail from damage. Each Traction-Tred® step is slip resistant and double riveted. Fiberglass rails are non-conductive for working near electricity.


  • HolsterTop® with Lock-In System secures tools to increase productivity
  • Shoulder bolt and nut on top hinge
  • Double riveted slip-resistant Traction-Tred® steps
  • Back-up plates reinforce all top connectors
  • Heavy duty internal spreaders
  • Full set of rear horizontals spaced one per foot
  • All steps and top rear horizontal are knee-braced
  • Slip-resistant foot pads attached to the EDGE® structure
  • Every rivet backed up by metal, metal plates or washers to protect rails
  • Optional manual pail shelf kit, model no. PK76-9 or automatic closing pail shelf kit model no. 76-2





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