Werner X300000 Extension Ladder WalkThru

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Product Overview

Werner X300000 Extension Ladder WalkThru

The Werner Extension Ladder WalkThru Series offers extension handles designed to fit most Werner ladder profiles and is fully compatible with Werner ladders from Type II to Special Duty Type IAA.

The WalkThru Optional Gate accessory (X300001) is designed to fit at the top of the handles with a magnetic closure to stay connected yet be able to open.


  • Designed to fit … Properly
  • Enhanced Stability - Dual clamping system lock rail extensions onto ladder rails
  • Designed for use with Werner Type II, I, IA, and IAA extension ladders
  • Meets compliance standards OSHA 1910 & 1926
  • Wide base which provides additional contact area on the work surface while transitioning
  • Material - Aluminum





(No reviews yet) Write a Review