Tapco Tools 10565 Aluminum Siding Brake Pro-14 / 8'6"

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Tapco Tools 10565 Aluminum Siding Brake Pro-14 / 8'6"

PRO 14® Brake 

The PRO 14 brake combines a 14" throat depth with a wide, 2-3/8" mouth opening and patented inside working pockets. From soffit and fascia to custom brickmold, sill trim, window casing, chimney flashing and more, the PRO 14 easily produces custom pieces for any siding and roofing application. Its efficient, secure locking system uses a pulling motion rather than pushing, allowing you to be closer to the tool when working with larger pieces. Individual bending handles also enhance easy operation, letting you get closer to the work. Our patented Moving Pivot Hinge allows increased bending power, and our unique hemming capability allows for 180-degree overbends to produce more rigid panels.

Available Lengths: 8' 6", 10' 6", 10' 6" Heavy Duty, 12' 6"

Weight: 8' 6" brake 87 lbs; 10' 6" brake 106 lbs; 10' 6" heavy duty brake 127 lbs; 12' 6" brake 129 lbs.

Throat Depth: 14"

Mouth Opening: 2-3/8"

Bending Capacities: All vinyl; Soft aluminum up to .030; Galvanized steel up to 28 ga; Copper sheet and coil up to 16 oz.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review