Werner Fall Protection - Blue Armor Standard Pass-thru Harness // 1 D-ring - Universal

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Werner BLUE ARMOR H21100X Blue Armor Standard Pass-thru Harness // 1 D-ring - Universal

Werner Blue Armor H21100X series harnesses are designed and manufactured for the most demanding applications and the most serious professional user. In the event of a fall arrest, simply pull the patented Relief Handles to achieve the Gravity Override position, to help reduce the potential hazards of suspension trauma. Unique WebAlert™ inspectable webbing and impact indicators allow for easy inspection. They feature 5-point adjustments for optimal fit, lightweight hardware and pads, and bright colors for worker visibility on the jobsite. The lightweight, breathable and form fitting padding is designed to protect the user and prevent tangling when donning the harness. The rear dorsal D-ring is made from high quality forged alloy steel for strength and durability. Slotted pass-through buckle on the chest strap and tongue buckle leg straps are simple, fast, easy, and ideal when more than one worker could use the same harness.


  • 5-point adjustments for optimal fit
  • Large back pad with breathable, sweat absorbing foam helps keep harness untangled when donning
  • Lanyard Keeper
  • Slotted pass through buckles on the chest and leg straps fasten without twisting
  • Inspectable Webbing
  • Back Padding
  • Back D-Ring
  • WebAlert inspectable webbing makes wear and damage visible and obvious



(No reviews yet) Write a Review