RGC Classic Platform Hoist / 200 lb. Lifting Capacity

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213.00 LBS
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Product Overview

RGC Classic Platform Hoist 200 lb.

RGC Classic power drives sit higher on the track, making them a perfect choice for those who work predominantly in residential and community job sites where landscaping could pose an obstacle. With clutch and brake handles on the bottom of the drive, you can easily operate your hoist.

RGC’s Classic Platform Hoist offer support for loads weighing up to 200 pounds while keeping your crew’s safety paramount. Lightweight and more cost-effective than cranes or forklifts, RGC’s Classic Platform Hoists assemble easily without the need for special tools.

RGC’s Classic Platform Hoists feature:

  • Up to 44’ of track
  • Power drives mount to the third and fifth track cross ties for use on job sites where landscaping is a consideration
  • Easy-to-reach long clutch and brake handles for enhanced safety
  • Large variety of accessories available.

RGC Classic Platform Hoists come in your choice of gas or electric power for outdoor or indoor operation.





(No reviews yet) Write a Review