Escape Ladder ESC330

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Was: $180.99
Now: $174.99
23.20 LBS
$25.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)

Product Overview

The ESC330 is a 3-story built-in fire escape ladder that installs permanently under a window making it always available if ever needed. Deploys in seconds for a quick escape. Supports up to 1200lb and is easy to use. The rungs are anti-slip and have standoffs for ease in descending. The climbing assist strap aids in exiting the window. EVERY SECOND COUNTS, ESCAPE FASTER™.


  • Blends with room decor
  • Storage pan permanently installs in wall
  • Climbing assistance strap
  • Anti-slip rungs and standoffs
  • Door included with unit
  • Permanent installation always there when you need it
  • Deploys in seconds easy to use
  • Faster escape supports up to 1200lb
  • The pan size is 11in Height x 15-1/4in Width x 3-1/2in Depth


(No reviews yet) Write a Review