DEFENDER Series 300104-XX-01 Compact Saddle Box // by Weather Guard

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DEFENDER Series 300104-XX-01 Compact Saddle Box // by Weather Guard

The 9.1 cu ft WEATHER GUARD® DEFENDER SERIES™ Model 300104-9-01 Saddle Box for compact trucks provides Professional Protection. This new truck box includes a tamper-resistant push-button lock, steel reinforced looped strikers, D-shaped ribbed weather stripping and heavy-duty four-piece welded aluminum box construction. It also comes with a seven year warranty.


  • Delivers heavy-duty security with two hook loop strikers and dual stage rotary latches
  • Provides professional durability with four-piece welded construction putting strength where it is needed most and black powder coat protection on black truck boxes
  • Classic Weather Resistance from full weather seal with D-shaped ribbed weather stripping
  • Tamper-resistant Push Button Locks - drill resistant through key hole
  • Heavy-Duty pry resistance with C-channel reinforced welded lid construction and reinforced front body panel
  • Dual Gas Strut supported lid with Protective Sleeves
  • Includes sliding small parts tray
  • Built-in compartments on either side of the box are great when you need quick access to a tool or flashlight
  • The one-touch push button locks pop open the box easily even when your hands are full of tools
  • Special crimp-free mounting brackets are included to easily secure the box to the truck bed
  • Welded aluminum channels keep the cover closing evenly so both latches engage -- no having to walk around to the other side of the truck to make sure that the cover is fully latched
  • Fits Compact Pickup Trucks
  • Seven Year Warranty


Style Saddle Box
Approx. Product Height 18.19in
Approx. Product Length 61.88in
Approx. Product Width 19.63in
Approx. Product Weight (lb) 50
Approx. Shipping Weight (lb) 50
Approx. Cu. Ft. Per Unit 9.5
Material Aluminum
Color Uncoated Aluminum, Black
Security Heavy Duty
Latch Mechanism Rotary
Lock System Push Button
Latch Yes
Key Alike On Request
Reinforced Loop Striker Yes
Weather Resistance Classic
Weather Strip D-Shaped Ribbed
Warranty 7 Year
Bed Style - Flare Side Yes
Bed Style - Style Side Yes
Vehicle Type, Compact Yes
Weather Seal Yes
Chevrolet Colorado Yes
Dodge Dakota Yes
Ford Ranger Yes
GMC Canyon Yes
Nissan Frontier Yes
Toyota Tacoma Yes
Bed Length 5 ft 2 in Yes
Bed Length 5 ft Yes
Bed Length 6 ft Yes
Bed Length 6 ft 1 in Yes
Bed Length 6 ft 4 in Yes
Bed Length 7 ft Yes


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